Historical Fiction

The Sceptre

Readers of The Sceptre, a historical novel of the 1930s by Dorothy Jane Mills (a.k.a. Dorothy Z. Seymour), say the book is
“thrilling,” “riveting,” and they “can’t put it down.” Reviewers call it “a gripping story, well told, one that “demonstrates tremendous research…an irresistible tale,” calling the main character “a heroine in the classic mold…with determination and focus.”

The Labyrinth

In this sequel to the historical novel The Sceptre, Austrian immigrant Katya Becker, learning in 1938 of Germany’s threat to invade her old homeland, returns to Europe and comes face to face with Hitler. She helps relay German invasion plans to Eleanor Roosevelt and unearths spies in Hawaii. While discovering her own tangled heritage, she also learns of her new lover’s secret role.

The Treskel

The final book about the Austrian designer and part-time spy, Katya Becker, brings her back to Europe in the spring of 1938 despite the danger of scheduled contacts with Benito Mussolini and his guest in Italy, Adolf Hitler. Through her clever tactics on a tension-laden train ride, Katya aids in the escape of a famous scientist from Fascist Italy. In Ireland she meets two fascinating men, and back home she is threatened by German Nazis before being rescued by the man she wants for a life partner.

The Katya series contains historical events and can be used in college classrooms to supplement European studies. Quotations from real persons who appear in the series are accurate historically.

All three books are now available as eBooks through Thinker Media. You can order autographed copies of all three books online.

Drawing Card: A Baseball Novel

In baseball history, two different female baseball players signed minor-league contracts, which were cancelled as soon as their gender became known, so they never had a chance to show what they could do. In Drawing Card, when Baseball Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis cancels Cleveland pitcher Annie Cardello’s signed minor-league contract, she vows to retaliate. This book is now available from McFarland and you can order autographed copies online.