Dorothy Jane Mills
July 5, 1928 — Nov. 17, 2019

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About Dorothy Jane Mills

Also published under the name Dorothy Z. Seymour
(Baseball name Dorothy Seymour Mills)

2018 Events

Check the Speaking Events page for an updated list of where I will be in 2018.

Trilogy Of Assisted Living Mysteries Published

My latest trilogy of novels Don’t Admit You’re In Assisted Living was published by Bluewater Press in late 2017. The books are gentle satire that follows mysteries among the residents in an assisted living facility. I will be speaking about these books at assisted living facilities near my home in Florida.  Read more about these books, what the Naples Daily News had to say about my book reading, or order autographed copies.

A Charming Book For Pet Lovers

I Know What My Cat Is Thinking, has been published and is available at barnesandnoble.com as well as amazon.com, in both paper and electronic form. It is a book for grownups in which my cat is my worst critic. Read more about the book.

Drawing Card Now Available

My newest historical novel for McFarland Publishing Company is about a woman ballplayer titled Drawing Card: A Baseball Novel. Autographed copies are now available for order.

Read a preview of the book from the Ft. Myers (Fla.) News-Press and reviews from Florida Weekly,  SABR members, the journal Arete and on Amazon.com. I wrote a blog post about the book for 9 Ways, the website of Gloria Feldt.

Sports History

• Read “Reflections on a life in baseball research,” originally published in the SABR Deadball Era Research Committee’s February 2015 newsletter.

• Read “MLB Searches For Talent, But Not In The Right Places,” my article published online by Seamheads.com in May 2014.

• Read “A Girl Is Embarrassed,” my article published online by Seamheads.com in April 2014.

• The first of my four guest articles for The National Pastime Museum is “Those Nimble American Girls.” The second is “Women and Men Together,” and the third is “Why Can’t Women Play For Pay?” and the fourth is “Women Can Be Baseball Stars, Too.” I also wrote  “My Favorite Player: Justine Siegal.”

• Read “It’s our national game, too,” my article published online by The Hardball Times in June 2012.

• The National Baseball Hall of Fame has recognized me as a premier baseball researcher.

My first eBook – released January 2012

First in the Field: My Journey as the First Woman Baseball Historian” (Thinker Media) is an 8,000-word eBook available for the Kindle, Nook or iPad. Learn more here.

Baseball Series with Harold Seymour

My latest baseball history: Chasing Baseball: Our Obsession with Its History, Numbers, People and Places

Autobiography: A Woman’s Work: Writing Baseball History with Harold Seymour

• Some articles related to Sports History:

“A Woman’s Work: Doing Research with Harold Seymour”
“Our Mothers’ Game: Women in Baseball”

Other sports articles available elsewhere

Historical Novels

All three books in the Katya Becker Trilogy are now available as eBooks from Thinker Media. They were released with newly designed covers.

Children’s Books

Vegetarian Cooking

Meatless Meat is now available as an eBook from Thinker Media.