eBook of Meatless Meat

Thinker Media has created an electronic edition of the popular vegetarian cookbook, Meatless Meat, originally published in 2001.

This book has helped many people realize how good vegetarian food can be. That includes people who have been directed by their doctors to stop eating meat because of heart problems. It includes those who would like to cut back a little on meat by eating one meat-free meal a week. And it
includes those who are vegetarian-curious and looking for something to eat that tastes surprisingly like the meat they grew up with.

All 100 recipes in Meatless Meat are made with soy protein, the healthful product that is even higher in protein than meat and contains none of its harmful fat. This product is so versatile that it can stand in for the meat in dishes like pizza, lasagna, cabbage rolls, goulash, chili, teriyaki, barbecue, and dozens of other entrees. Many people who taste the meatless versions of these entrees believe they are really eating meat!

This electronic version of Meatless Meat contains a new preface updating some material in the book, a new glossary, and a new list of food sources explaining where to buy vegetable protein. It opens to a wider audience — those who use hand-held computers — the book that has aided many to see vegetarian food in a new light and realize how enjoyable it can be as well as how healthful it is.

(Note:  Best Thinking Media ended operations on Jan. 5, 2018.)